Bringing Up Puppies

Some things I did with my first litter:
  • Early scent introduction (You can see a blog post I wrote about these two things here)
  • Early Neurological Stimulation
  • Extensive exposure to things to climb on and go through
  • Individual crate training
  • A lot of work on potty training. Since this litter will be due at about the same time as my first litter, I can hope that the weather will be as cooperative in how much outside time the puppies will get. I have a 30 foot x 70 foot attached dog yard where they spent a lot of (supervised) time.
  • Exposure and play with my intact male Border Terrier Jag. He weighs 15-16 pounds, so is not that much bigger than an 8 week old Flat-Coat puppy, and he was invaluable with the first litter.
  • Learning to negotiate our dog door
  • Learning to negotiate ramps to get inside and outside
  • Group attention training
  • Individual lessons in position changes, recalls, retrieving and beginning targeting work
  • Individual time outside learning about following and walking on different surfaces
  • Exposure to game birds
  • Several car rides in crates
  • Introduction to whistle recalls
  • Twice a week toenail grinding
  • Paw hair trimmed several times

I plan to do all of these things with my February 2018 litter.


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