Day Two

We lost power last evening for about 2 hours due to high winds, which made me very grateful that the puppies were already born. Whelping by flash light and book lights would not have been fun! I clipped a blanket over the top of the whelping box to help retain heat, and while the temperature did drop some in the whelping box, it never went below 67. I had to pull it back some because Sonic started to get too warm.

I think the puppies woke me up at least once every hour of the night last night, with someone fussing a bit, usually because Sonic had gotten up and moved around. Except for the littlest boy (green), all the rest gained at least some weight over last night. Pink girl, who had lost a bit from birth to last night’s weighing, gained an ounce overnight, the most of all nine. Little green has been getting some semi-private nursing time today to try to give him a boost. Solo time doesn’t work because then Sonic insists on licking him so much that she knocks him off the nipple, which defeats the purpose.

As mama and puppies figure out this living together in the outside world thing, it has turned into a mostly peaceful day in the whelping room. Big Bubba’s tail wags as he nurses, and I’ve seen several of their tails doing this kinked thing that Sonic and several of her littermates did when they were about 3 months old.

Sonic with her kinked tail 3 months old
Sonic with her kinked tail 3 months old

I am thoroughly enjoying spending time helping Sonic and just watching the babies figure out how to get where they want to go. Sonic is getting smarter about how to lie down so she doesn’t squash them, but I still try to stay near to help her get them sorted out.

We took a < 5 minute trip around our yard this afternoon to give her a mental break and a chance to run a bit, which she very happily did. Now she’s back in the box with the gang of grunting and squeaking parasites. Good Mama!

We have been having internet problems since the power outage, which I think is fixed. I have a video I hope to get posted to YouTube to share.

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